Should I trust her?

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Trust is vital for a truly loving relationship. Without it, a person becomes suspicious, anxious and full of apprehension, and the other feels in an emotional trap, it seems to him that he is not allowed to breathe freely. Jealousy is the fear of loneliness, low self-esteem and dislike for oneself. Trust is an indispensable element of true love. People often assume that if you love someone, then that’s all – ahead of a life full of happiness. Just like here, on But in fact, love is not fixed, it is like a plant that either grows and blooms, or withers and dies. It all depends on what we do with it. Sincere communication is like water, without it the plant cannot survive. Talk to each other about your desires, needs, your attitude and feelings. Let’s know to your partner that you love and appreciate him. Never be afraid to say three magic words: I love you.